Character crossovers?

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Character crossovers? Empty Character crossovers?

Post  CanzetYote on Fri Aug 05, 2011 8:42 pm

Have you thought of any? I thought of a few:

Avatar The Last Airbender:
Mr.Whiskers as Aang
Brandy as Katara
Ed as Sokka
Lola Boa as Toph
Wolfie as Appa
Harold as Momo
Lorenzo as Prince Zuko
Margo as Princess Azula
Gabriella as Ty Lee
Gaspar as Firelord Ozai

The Breakfast Club:
Mr.Whiskers as Andtrew Clarke (the athlete)
Brandy as Claire Standish (the princess)
Ed as Brian Johnson (the brain)
Lola Boa as Alison Reynolds (the basket case)
Gaspar as John Bender (the criminal)
Mr.Cantarious as Principal Vernon
Wolfie as Carl (the janitor)

Breath Of Fire 2:
Mr.Whiskers as Ryu
Ed as Bow
Lola Boa as Katt
Brandy as Nina
Wolfie as Rand
Lorenzo as Sten
Gaspar as Jean (Well, both are French reptiles/amphibians)
Margo as Spar

Final Fantasy 7:
Mr.Whiskers as Cloud Strife
Wolfie as Barret Wallace
Brandy as Tifa Lockhart
Lola Boa as Aeris Gainsborough
Ed as Red XIII/Nanaki (Lol, Ed XIII!)
Margo as Yuffie Kisaragi
Cheryl/Meryl as Cait Sith
Melvin as Vincent Valentine
Lorenzo as Cid Highwind
Gaspar as Sephiroth

Johnny Test:
Mr.Whiskers as Johnny Test
Ed as Dukey Test
Cheryl/Meryl as Susan/Mary Test
Brandy as Sissy Blakely
Gaspar as Eugene/Bling Bling Boy
Wolfie as Gil Nexdor
Lola Boa as Jillian

Land Before Time:
Mr.Whiskers as Littlefoot
Brandy as Cera
Ed as Petrie
Lola Boa as Ducky
Wolfie as Spike
Lorenzo as Chomper
Gaspar as Sharp Tooth

Phantasy Star 4:
Mr.Whiskers as Chaz Ashley
Brandy as Alys Brangwin
Ed as Hahn Mahlay
Margo as Rune Walsh
Wolfie as Gryz
Lola Boa as Rika
Cheryl as Demi
Melvin as Wren
Lorenzo as Raja
Meryl as Kyra Tierney
Gaspar as Zio The Black Magician

Road Rovers:
Mr.Whiskers as Hunter
Brandy as Colleen
Lorenzo as Blitz
Ed as Exile
Lola Boa as Shag (Both are easily scared)
Wolfie as Muzzle
Gaspar as Parvo
Margo as The Groomer

Storm Hawks:
Mr.Whiskers as Aerrow
Lorenzo as Finn
Brandy as Piper
Wolfie as Junko
Ed as Stork
Harold as Radarr
Lola Boa as Starling
Margo as Master Cyclonis
Gaspar as The Dark Ace
Gabriella as Ravess

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